Dodwell House Community Resource Center

Anna’s Place NOLA stands as a beacon of possibility and hope.  By disrupting pernicious cycles of poverty and violence, Anna’s Place is changes lives.  More members of our community are leading safe, healthy, and fulfilling lives because of Anna’s Place.  Yet the needs of our community continue to increase and Anna’s Place has outgrown our home at St. Anna’s Church.  Thanks to the generosity of several good friends, St. Anna’s purchased a nearby historic house.  Re-named for our beloved former minister and his wife, Dodwell House will be the new home for Anna’s Place NOLA and will offer the space we need to develop new programs such as these.


LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth Support

St. Anna’s wants to help, and, according to Missed Opportunities: LGBTQ Youth Homelessness in America, there are things we can do.

                      • Facilitates positive adult connections in LGBTQ+ youths’ lives
                      • Ensures that LGBTQ-sensitive outreach is located in or near communities most affected by homelessness.
                      • Creates spaces where young people feel safe to make important decisions.
                      • Provides trauma-informed services
                      • Shows youth that their decisions create results and matter.
                      • Provides space for therapeutic approaches for LGBTQ youth and their families


Parent – Baby Support Groups

Helping pregnant women and new moms and/or dads keep themselves and their children healthy and promote a nurturing relationship with their child that supports a better future for their child is our goal. We plan to establish a place for pregnant women, new parents to learn from and support each other and their children, including:

                      • Healthy lifestyles during pregnancy
                      • Manage stress during pregnancy and in early parenthood
                      • Warning signs of pregnancy issues and importance of prenatal care
                      • Preparation for the delivery process
                      • Promoting breastfeeding
                      • Parenting skills
                      • Engaging fathers in this process


Physical and Mental Health Activities

Culturally acceptable activities that promote health can take numerous forms. Dodwell House would be a great location for activities suggested by our community members, such as:

                      • Tai Chi
                      • Yoga
                      • Art Therapy
                      • HIV/Hepatitis C testing
                      • PrEP clinic


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