To promote healing and wholeness of body, mind and spirit in the Tremé/7th Ward and Greater New Orleans community by offering academic, cultural, and arts enrichment; holistic health care; and healthy lifestyle education.


Anna’s Place NOLA is a place of peace where children realize their potential and families and the community are nurtured so that poverty and violence no longer make their home among us.


Anna’s Place NOLA seeks to serve those in our community — a community of low-wealth, rife with violence (as a means of resolving conflict and as retribution), drug dealing, and prostitution. Children are devalued and academic success is hindered by poor performing schools. Hypertension and diabetes are rampant, life expectancy in the Treme/7th Ward community is 20 years lower than other parts of New Orleans, adults have low health literacy, and many are uninsured or otherwise medically under-served.


Youth Programs

Health Outreach

Food Pantry


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