COVID-19 Response

Published On: April 28th, 2020By

The viral outbreak that has changed our lives may have closed the physical doors to our youth programs but the needs of our children did not disappear – and in most cases they increased. We were determined to be there for our young people.  On April 1st we went live with a remote program to support their needs – and to give us a chance to check on their emotional wellbeing as well. Laptops and iPads were loaned to our children for both their school work and for our program. Using video technology, we began reading sessions, homework help, business club classes and music lessons 4-5 days a week.

We continue to provide food to our students and have extended it to their families through monthly non-perishable food. Twice a week we supply our families with sandwiches and hot meals through collaboration with New Orleans Councilmember Kristin Palmer, Silk Road Restaurant and Ron’s Gumbo Shop.

As the city reopens we will return to face-to-face programming, always keeping the safety and health of our entire community in mind.