Summer Camp 2017

As the performers bowed, another successful year of summer camp came to a close. Over the course of the summer, nearly fifty students representing neighborhoods across the city came together to enjoy an abundance of activities at Anna’s Place NOLA Camp.

This year, the overarching theme was the sanctuary movement, focusing on Latin American cultures and historical civil rights movements. In “Project Learning” class, campers researched events such as the Stonewall riots and the Fugitive Slave Act. In Spanish class, they learned about both the language and Hispanic cultures. By taking these classes, the students gained a greater appreciation for other cultures and learned about the importance of standing up for their rights.

The students thrived and grew as musicians over the course of the summer. Students chose and learned how to play an instrument in private music lessons, and took group classes like Note Reading and Music Therapy to help develop their understanding of music.

On Wednesdays mornings, the campers focused on dance, drums, and choir to prepare for their final performance. Later in the afternoon, students would explore sites in New Orleans such as the Aquarium, the Space Museum, and the Planetarium.

At their performance, dancers showcased their skills as the drummers played and choir students sang songs such as “Ease on Down the Road” from The Wiz and “Consider Yourself” from Oliver Twist. Before the performance, parents walked through the Parish Hall and saw their children’s art and research posters.

All of the children who came to the Summer Camp are hoping to join us again for the Fall program.


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