Give NOLA Day Thank you!

                    Thank you very much for your support on Give NOLA Day! 

It was a bit of a rocky ride due to technical difficulties. Some of our supporters were unable to donate as in years past.  Since the beginning of Give NOLA Day, our fund raising efforts have resulted in $10,000 the first year and $20,000 the second year and an expansion of our donor pool.  Our goal this year was to raise $30,000 and increase our pool of donor by 20%.  We had raised about $4,000 before the site went down and another $2,720 donated through our website or calling us.  We won’t have a complete record of donations called to GNOF (the Greater New Orleans Foundation) or processed on the site for a while.

 With the failure of the Give NOLA site, we not only lost funding but the opportunity to introduce new donors to the work you know and have funded in the past.

If you’ve funded us in the past but couldn’t get through this time, GNOF has extended the funding period until noon Friday, May 6th.   All you have to do is contact us directly at (504) 475-8018 and we will record your donation pledge. Then a staff member from GNOF will contact you for your credit card information within the next week or so.

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